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Leaf sweeping season has started. The tomatoes are finally ripening, even a (very) few of the outdoor ones. (Also a few peppers in the greenhouse - I might try and keep some of the smaller pepper plants indoors over the winter to give them an early start next year, which worked fairly well once before (but that was an even smaller one that never got potted on as a seedling).)
I had a fig from our tree at lunch, and Alice and Pam had a couple a week ago. There are a few more that might ripen this year, and might not - lots for next year though.
We had blackberry and apple crumble yesterday from hedgerow blackberries and apples from the tree that overhangs our garden. I've put quite a lot of sieved compost from our heap onto the raised veg beds, but not really thought about more planting yet (there are french and runner beans, tomatoes, and sweet corn still in them). I might try putting the strawberry plants I had in a pot out and see how they do for a second year, but I think mostly we're just going to do salad.
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On September 16th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC), armb commented:
Hmm - reading http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.jhtml?xml=/property/2006/10/24/pbunny24.xml and http://shopping.guardian.co.uk/household/story/0,1587,1571046,00.html, I should actually be getting rid of those "next year" ones, unless I want to count on "It has occasionally been known for second-crop figs to form an early crop the following year, but not of great quality." - which is what I think this years are, but it tasted good to me.
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